Puja recommendations based on your current planetary positions and influences are offered through this service. The recommendations are provided by our knowledgeable and skilled astrologers. Please read the FAQ section below before you request puja recommendation.

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What is a Puja/Homa recommendation?

Our astrologer will analyze your birth chart and recommend pujas and/or homas that are appropriate for you based on your chart.

What are the details needed to get a Puja/Homa recommendation?

  • Your full and accurate birth details are needed: date of birth, time of birth, place of birth (city and country).
  • If accurate birth time is not available provide an approximate time. If birth time is not known you may also provide timelines of major life events like graduation, marriage etc. This will help the astrologer to calculate your birth time.

How will I receive my recommendation?

The recommendation will be emailed to the address you provide when you order a puja recommendation. Make sure that you provide an accurate and working email address.

How much does a puja recommendation cost?

The fee is $15 per person.

Do I get an analysis of my chart (horoscope) as part of this service?

No, you will only get recommendations for pujas or homas. If you want your chart analysed then please register for a chart reading here.

Will I be able to communicate to the astrologer directly?

It will not be possible to communicate to the astrologer directly as part of this service.

How long will it take to get my recommendations?

You will receive the recommendations within 7 days.