Jyotish Astrology appointments are offered through an online audio meeting, the information will be sent to your email after payment confirmation. You will require a steady Internet connection to attend the meeting on a phone or computer. You are welcome to sign up for another appointment after this appointment is over. Some people return to consult for others in their family, or in a new situation where they would like to get some guidance. 100% of the revenues support Amma's humanitarian activities worldwide.

The astrologers are purely volunteers and provide consultations entirely as a service to MA Center. They have traveled and lived with Amma for many years, and have a lot of experience offering consultations to clients from varied backgrounds and countries. All of them speak English US or UK. If you prefer another language, please have a friend translate for you at the appointment. You must have specific questions for your reading, and you must read the FAQ Frequently Asked Questions below

I hereby declare that I understand that the Astrology consultations offered through M.A. Center are being offered by volunteers as a service, in order to share their knowledge and raise funds for Embracing The World charities supported by M.A. Center; that these volunteers are not necessarily affiliated with M.A Center in any way; that the views expressed by the volunteers offering the consultations are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and/or teachings of Amma or M.A. Center, nor do they represent the official policies of M.A. Center. I hereby acknowledge and understand that my reading may involve a discussion of personal details based on my chart, which may or may not be positive. I hereby assume the psychological and other risks involved in connection with my reading, during and after my participation, and I hereby absolve the astrologer from any injury I may incur in connection with my reading, during and after my participation, excluding any injury incurred as the result of gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of the astrologer.


When may astrology guide me?

  • Is my path supporting my goals in the long run?
  • The pros and cons in a certain area - career, relationships, family, etc
  • The possibility of success in a specific activity
  • I need to understand why certain events have happened in my life
  • Are there some upcoming time periods when I must be extra careful?
  • I consulted in previous years and now there is a new situation that I have never enquired about

When is a reading NOT helpful?

  • Most people have their life themes and their personality traits set in motion. Often, trends last 2-3 years, sometimes many years. Unless a person creates a dramatic shift in their subconscious through the spiritual practices and service, trends that were forecasted to last a few years are unlikely to shift in a few months
  • Asking an astrologer on a regular basis "what do you see?" is usually not a good idea. It is not advised from a psychological perspective to have one's chart looked at on a frequent basis. In addition, it takes a lot of spiritual focus and concentration for the astrologer to really look deep into a chart, and one should consult only when there is a sincere or essential question (for returning clients)
  • Some people ask the same question many times, with the hope that the astrologer might see something new in the immediate future. We entirely understand each person's concerns. However, sometimes one must accept that there exists a long-term issue where change can be slow. We would recommend that such a person focus on how to thrive in the midst of living with the issue rather than hoping that the horoscope indicates a quick change in destiny. The person may require very determined, disciplined daily spiritual practice, and a support group to provide encouragement through that journey

What types of questions can be asked?

  • Whether to pursue a specific activity during a certain time frame
  • Positive and negative aspects in various areas of life
  • Matching two horoscopes for relationship-compatibility analysis, personal or professional
  • General life trends as indicated for the next few years
  • Specific questions regarding health, career, education, travel, peace, family, spiritual growth
  • Auspicious months or dates to start an important activity such as launching a business
  • The best muhurta [auspicious time] for marriage. If your choices are very clear within a small range of dates, the astrologer can find the best muhurta within 30 minutes. Often this process can be time consuming, and the astrologer may request you to sign up for an additional 30-minute appointment if a really satisfactory date and time cannot be found within the first 30- or 45-minute appointment

What remedial measures will be recommended?

Remedies are unique to each chart, some generic remedies are here

  • The best remedy is to change mental approach and expectations based on planetary hints and focus that energy in more gainful areas of the chart
  • Chanting a mantra or a stotram
  • Meditation
  • Lifestyle discipline: Yoga practice, exercise, sunshine, diet
  • Selfless service in a certain area of life
  • Performing a puja, an ancient ritual to reduce or eliminate obstacles
  • Wearing a gemstone or rudraksha
  • Fasting from food, fasting from speech, for a certain period of time
  • Donation to an authentic charitable activity

Do I need a 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute appointment?

  • It is hard to generalize, and these are recommended timelines: In case you are unsure, please sign up for a 30-minute appointment and do another one later if the astrologer recommends it at the end of the appointment
  • First time clients with exact time of birth: A 45-minute appointment is recommended even if you only have one question. This is because the astrologer may tell you about other aspects that are prominent in your chart that could be very useful to you
  • Returning clients: Generally, for two to three questions a 30-minute appointment. To consult for three or four people in the family, a 60-minute appointment. For couples with questions in both charts, a 45-minute appointment
  • Uncertain time of birth within 1-2 hour window: Either a 45-minute or 60-minute appointment, with the first 20 to 30 minutes required for birth-time rectification
  • Marriage muhurta: A 45-minute appointment. Please bring the actual dates, days of week, or time frames when you are planning to get married so the astrologer can try to find the best options

I have my Exact time of birth within 5 minutes

  • The first few minutes are still required to corroborate time of birth through some past events

Time of birth is known within 30 minutes or one hour

  • A 45-minute appointment for rectification and a couple of questions
  • The astrologer will try to determine the precise time of your birth based on the dates of major past events. This is because your chart has to match life events before the astrologer can study future aspects
  • Please have at least three or more pieces of information: the exact dates of moving to a new city, country or home, start of study, graduation, marriage, divorce, birth of children, death of parents or grandparents, start and end of career or job; date, time and place of birth of partners, present or past

Time of birth is totally unknown

  • Kindly do not sign up for an online reading
  • Please come in person on one of Amma's tours, and meet an astrologer in person

Reschedule an appointment

  • Should you wish to change the day and time of your appointment, the email confirmation you received for your appointment will have a link allowing you to reschedule your appointment for a different day and time with the same astrologer only
  • There may or may not be slots open, hence rescheduling is not guaranteed
  • Rescheduling is possible only up to the 24-hours immediately preceding your appointment time. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment and are unable to reschedule at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment, you will forfeit your appointment and fees, and will not be permitted to reschedule for another time

Cancel an appointment

  • The email confirmation you received for your appointment will have a link allowing you to cancel
  • We do not process refunds for cancellations. All payments are fully nonrefundable. There are no exceptions to this policy
  • We recommend that you only pay and confirm an appointment when you are certain that you can attend
  • Should you cancel your appointment without rescheduling you will forfeit your fees in full. See the reschedule policy above if you wish to reschedule
  • As a courtesy, kindly cancel your appointment if you cannot attend for any reason, so that the astrologer is not waiting for you on the call. Thank you

How can I get the best from my reading?

  • Pray for clarity and meditate for some time before the appointment
  • State questions very briefly at the very beginning. This is essential. There are so many details in a chart that the astrologer could start looking into other aspects and sometimes finally there is not enough time to look at your primary questions
  • Often the astrologer may want to confirm some past details to be sure that the chart is accurate, even if you are certain of your time of birth
  • After this, please give the astrologer some silent time to focus on the chart till he or she begins the conversation. At that point you are welcome to go into details
  • This is a very analytical science with several aspects and varied data requiring a lot of concentration. Since there is only a certain amount of time, the deeper the astrologer can focus on understanding what your chart indicates regarding your questions, the better he or she can answer